The Pros and Cons of Using Proactiv

Before buying an acne treatment such as Proactiv, you must first weigh the pros and cons of the treatment. You need to know how that treatment will help you clear away your blemishes and at the same time, you also need to be aware of the different risks and downsides of using that particular treatment. Here are some information on Proactiv that will walk you through the different advantages and disadvantages of using Proactiv.

The Advantages of Using Proactiv

Proactiv is very Accessible.
You can easily get proactiv products through their official website, or you can also place an order through phone. Usually the easiest way to purchase proactiv products is through their website but for those who are not a fan of online shopping and placing phone orders, you can also get proactiv in kiosks located in malls and in areas with high traffic. By getting proactiv in kiosks, you can save yourself from shipment and handling fees. Plus, you can also prevent the online system of proactiv from sending consecutive orders to your home address.


Proactiv is Cost- Effective. Compared to other acne treatments, the system is very affordable. If you buy your proactiv products in kiosks, you only have to pay $19.95 for the three step system. You can save loads of cash with proactiv. Find out more about proactiv prices and return policy  here.

Proactiv uses Prescription Grade Benzoyl Peroxide. The low benzoyl peroxide concentration used in the formulation of the proactiv treatments makes it a lot safer to use compared to other acne products. Benzoyl Peroxide is a known skin irritant and it can cause skin dryness and peeling. Because the system only contains a low dose of this ingredient, the risk of side effects is significantly reduced.

The Disadvantages of Using Proactiv

Proactiv does Not Cure Acne. Yes, it’s true. Despite the fact that proactiv can help you eliminate the signs and symptoms of acne, it does not have the ability to completely eliminate your blemishes. It does not treat your acne condition, thus you need to use the treatment even if you are completely clear of acne. One of the hundreds of proactiv reviews even said that once you start using the treatment, you will become a slave of it. You can’t quit using the treatment because you will breakout, even worse than before.

Proactiv can Cause some Undesirable Effects. The side effects that are associated with the use of proactiv products are mainly due to the chemical compounds used in the system. These chemical ingredients are commonly used in different acne products in the market. To treat the signs of acne, you need to be patient and you also need to be aware of the different side effects that your treatment may bring.